Guess who’s back? Back again? Shady’s back, tell a friend. Eminem, Rap God, Bunny Rabbit, whatever you call him, he is officially taking the music scene by storm.

The long wait is finally over for Eminem fans or better known as 'Stans' as he surprised everybody when he unleashed 'Walk on Water'. The song garnered 44 million views already in a span of 3 weeks on YouTube. This is the very first song from the much-anticipated album Revival. Although it was The Queen, Beyonce whom he collaborated with, it was Skylar Gray who did her part during the MTV EMA Awards.

Ed Sheeran added to the mix

The lyrical assassin Eminem knows who to add on his 9th album. One of them is multi-grammy award winner, Ed Sheeran. The Rap God posted on his twitter account the full tracklist on his new album and Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest name out there. For those who aren’t familiar, Ed Sheeran can collaborate with anybody. That’s how good the English singer-songwriter is. December 15 is the release date of the Revival album. Right now, Ed Sheeran and Eminem working together are on top of the playlist.

Pink will add colour to the album

Unlike any other artist, Pink’s name has been rumoured multiple times about her and The Rap God doing a collaboration. Well, it is no longer a rumour as Eminem has posted on Twitter.

Pink is a one of a kind artist and it was no surprise when Eminem added her on the album. The title of their song is 'Need Me'. There are no previews yet but knowing these two artists, they will definitely shock the world.

Instant classic with Alicia Keys

There are few artists that when they sang the first note of the song, you knew it will be replayed all day long.

Alicia Keys is no Gloria Gaynor or Faith Evans. However, she made a name for herself as one of the greatest singers of all time. Keys made it twice on the list of Most Influential people for Time Magazine because of her ungodly talent and undoubtedly great character. Eminem will surely seize the moment and when two legends meet, it always ends up an instant classic.

Alicia Keys hasn't provided any insights on what the song is all about but the music industry is already ecstatic about it.

Rock n roll icon to join Rap God

Axl Rose is better known as the frontman of the legendary band, Guns N Roses. Despite him having multiple issues, whether it's personal or musical, the 55-year old seems to be back in the groove. Axl might have aged but there's no doubt that he can still perform like no one else. Eminem can and will surely help Axl to redeem himself as his image has been tarnish for far too long.