Eminem has already cemented his name as one of the greatest if not the greatest rapper in history. Jayceon Terrell Taylor also known as The Game has stated that nobody wants to "beef" with Eminem. “Em is lyrically insane and will shred every artist who will come at him”, The Game added.

The Public Is Not Ready For ‘Untouchable’

The song ‘Untouchable’ is not for the wicked heart, to say the least. The intro alone is so powerful that The Rap God will be surely denounced by the public again. So what is the song all about? Did Eminem curse and lash out at President Donald Trump?

Well, the song is very interesting as Eminem pointed out the difference between the two race.

The police have and always been an integral part of the rap community. Even in the early 80’s, the man in uniform was always a part of any rappers song. Eminem started ‘Untouchable’ stating “Black boy, black boy, we ain’t gonna lie to you”, “Black boy, black boy, we don’t like the sight of you. Basically, Em is telling what most officers perceived when they see an African-American roaming the streets.

Eminem Teaching The Mumbler Rappers

Eminem kept on discussing the police brutality and how these African-American’s are profiled. He even went to far when he stated that “No matter how many lives you ruin, It’s for the red, white and blue”.

As per the Washington Post, there are 917 people fatally shot by police as of November. Most of them are young black Americans. There was a part of the song where Eminem specifically stated that he is embarrassed as the war on race is going backwards.

Talking on behalf of another race must be so hard. Surprisingly, Eminem was able to do it with such accuracy.

Even the famed YouTube channel LawTWINZ who are great at dissecting lyrics were speechless. Eminem is not only showing to the world that he is back, but there’s no doubt that he is teaching all the mumbler rappers on what the rap game is all about. The Rap God just spit out words and sentences that you won't even hear from these so-called new breeds of rappers.

17 More Songs About To Be Released

The verdict is already out and based on the two songs Eminem just released, he might win the best song, best album and best artist award. Imagine the other songs on the 'Revival' album that are not released yet. Few of Eminem's label mates have already provided their fair share of insights on his new album. Unanimously, 'Revival' is on the pace as the greatest Eminem album ever created.