Apparently, the new James Bond will still star Daniel Craig in the role, but both the director and producer of the Bond films have suggested Idris Elba, 45, could be up for a future role as Bond. Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the films, said they are open to a black actor after Craig completes the role of Bond In his final Film.

The Daily Star reports on a conversation between Broccoli and the director of the films, Antoine Fuqua, who said it was time for the role of 007 to be played by a non-white actor, adding that it will eventually happen.

James Bond played by Idris Elba?

Fuqua went on to suggest actors who are in the running for the James Bond movie, dropping a really strong hint that their top choice was Idris Elba. He said as long as Elba was “in shape,” he could do it, adding that the films need a man with a physically strong presence, which Idris definitely has. Broccoli had hinted before that there was a definite possibility of introducing a non-white actor or actress as playing the role of the iconic spy, saying “anything is possible” at this stage of the game.

Idris Elba talks future roles

Elba recently spoke to the Press Association about his next role, where he will be playing Quasimodo.

He said the Hunchback of Notre Dame is his next project, saying it is a very different role and a reinvention of the classic story. Idris said he was very excited about the role and will also be producing and directing the Netflix film. No title has yet been released by Netflix.

When Elba was asked about the possibility of playing James Bond, he joked that playing a hunchback might have an effect on his chances of playing Bond.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig announced last summer that he would be returning to the Bond role, after previously saying he would rather “slash his wrists” than play Bond again. However, he recently confirmed to Stephen Colbert that he will be playing the 007 role once more.

Daniel said he wants to leave on a high note and that he couldn’t wait for filming to begin.

Craig has starred as Bond several times. His first appearance was in the 2006 film “Casino Royale.” He then appeared in the 2008 film “Quantum of Solace, followed by the 2012 film “Skyfall” and the 2015 Bond movie, “Spectre.”

As reported by NME, the upcoming James Bond film will be directed by Danny Boyle of “Trainspotting” fame. That latest film is set to premiere in cinemas in the UK on 25 October 2019.