Tom Cruise was interviewed on “The Late Late Show” by British comedian James Corden, where Corden jokingly made light of Cruise’s stunts in his latest Film, “Mission Impossible - Fallout”. Those stunts included what is termed a “halo drop,” where the actor fell free from 25,000 feet, only opening his parachute once he was close to the ground.

After James joked about his stunts, Cruise asked Corden to put his money where his mouth is and go skydiving with him.

Tom Cruise and his stunts

As noted by the Metro, during the show, Cruise was asked by James Corden why he risks his life in his films, doing his own stunts, to which he replied that he wants to entertain his audience.

He said they come up with great stories for the movies and they are able to place a camera in spots you normally can’t get to. He said it’s not just the stunts, it’s all about character and storytelling. Tom said he can’t help it. He feels he’s 100 percent when he does something and he wants to give the moviegoers the very best, so that is what he tries to do.

Corden then joked, saying it’s just falling through the sky, adding that he thinks everyone is getting carried away. Cruise replied by saying it is a bit more than that. He said it took 106 jumps to get where he is and if James was interested, he was happy to take him, if he wants to try it.

Purely for clarity, Corden asked what he was saying, to which Cruise replied that if it is so easy, Corden could go with him.

He then asked again if James would like to do it. Corden laughed, but looked a tad nervous, saying, yes, sure, he’ll do it, adding that he was serious. Tom and James then shook hands on the deal, meaning there was no way Corden could back out of it.

Corden and Cruise go skydiving

Corden posted the video below to his Facebook page, where the duo head out to Perris Valley, California for the skydiving stunt.

They go up to 15,000 feet and James starts looking really nervous, while Tom is all smiles, saying how amazing it is. There are a lot of censor bleeps over James’ words as they prepare to jump.

Prior to the skydiving jump, Cruise said that he was amazed that James was joining him, saying he fully expected to receive a text message from him, cancelling the jump.

James said he had been trying to get hold of Tom for two days to cancel, but couldn’t get a response. He then realized he had Tom’s number saved wrongly on his phone. He went on to apologise to Tom Hiddleston for all his messages about a “case of food poisoning.”

Variety notes that midflight, James had joked with Cruise saying next time he interviews him, can they just talk. However, jokes aside, Tom and James did indeed go skydiving together and the results can be seen in the video included below.