The “Jungle Book” spin-off FilmMowgli” has been six years in the making, but now won’t be shown on the big silver screen. After Netflix bought the rights to the darker telling of the story, it will now stream on their platform in 2019.

The Warner Bros. film was supposed to be released in 2016, but was beaten by Disney's film "The Jungle Book." Now the darker "Jungle Book" story will be seen on the streaming TV giant after the film company sold the rights to Netflix.

‘Mowgli’ acquired by Netflix

The adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's tale has been in production by Andy Serkis since 2012 and it was supposed to premiere in cinemas on October 19, 2018.

Instead “Mowgli” will be shown on the streaming platform. Part of the delay in releasing the film related to it being beaten to the punch by the 2016 movie “The Jungle Book.” The trailer for the film was released in May 2018.

Serkis was interviewed by Deadline, who told them they had found themselves in a race with Disney and that they were “neck and neck” as to who would release the film first. Both studios wanted to be first with their “Jungle Book” stories, but Disney at that stage beat them to the punch. Serkis said they wanted to avoid comparisons with “The Jungle Book” and that it was now a relief to not have the pressure.

Casting for ‘Mowgli’

Christian Bale will play Bagheera, the cunning panther, while Cate Blanchett has been cast as Kaa, the sinister snake.

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch will play Shere Khan the tiger and Naomie Harris has been cast in the role of Nisha, the female wolf.

Serkis himself will play Pinto the wise bear, while the lead role of Mowgli – the boy who was raised by wolves – will feature Rohan Chand (“The Hundred-Foot Journey”).

Other roles have been filled by Freida Pinto and Matthew Rhys (“The Americans”).

The film itself was shot on location in South Africa and has been made to show the jungles of India in the 19th century.

Netflix and acquiring movies

As noted by Uproxx, Netflix has bought films from major studios in the past to stream on their platform.

The last time they secretly picked up a film was when they bought the 2017 film “Cloverfield Paradox,” which they debuted during the US Super Bowl in February. However, that movie didn’t do very well, but there is now a lot of hype going on around the “Jungle Book” spin-off after the trailer was released in May this year. The story is reportedly the “darkest” telling of the story ever released. The CGI live-action film will be streamed globally on Netflix in early 2019. Audiences will also be able to view a 3D version of “Mowgli.”