Sylvester Stallone has returned to the gym as the ‘Italian Stallion’ looks to hone his physique for the return of his no-nonsense character John J. Rambo in ‘Rambo V’. It marks what will probably be the final reprise for the notorious Vietnam War veteran role that has brought him so much acclaim and recognition since ‘First Blood’ screened in 1982.

Despite the strain that such a physically demanding part is likely to place on his 72-year-old body, the legendary action hero took to his Instagram account recently to illustrate how much hard work he is putting in during his preparation for the challenging part.

He commented that “celebrities talk about how hard they work,” but added that in his honest opinion “it’s a privilege!”

Stallone put in hospital by Lundgren

Stallone has never been an actor to shirk the requisite physical demands of an action man persona that he has cultivated since his first major success in ‘Rocky’ in 1976. That dedication was taken to the extreme during filming for the movie ‘Rocky IV’ though when Dolph Lundgren hit him so hard that he spent the next four and a half days in hospital.

Rambo name conjures up a distinctive character

The usage of “Rambo” for the name of the leading character in the Film franchise seems highly appropriate, given that it conjures up notions of a reckless and aggressive person who disregards orders, solves problems through violence and faces dangerous situations alone.

Stallone has drawn on those distinctive traits over the years to create an alter ego that has become extremely familiar and popular with action movie fans across the world.

Return after a ten-year gap

After a ten-year gap and amid rumours that Stallone had called a halt on his Rambo portrayal, shooting for "Rambo V" is due to begin on September 1st.

It is believed that scenes will be filmed in such diverse spots as Bulgaria, London and the Canary Islands, as the busy production team look for the best locations for their project.

Violent plotline expected

The plotline, according to Screen Daily, promises a rollercoaster of emotions and plenty of action for fans of the action film genre to enjoy.

Whilst continuing to battle post-traumatic stress disorder as he lives out his days on a ranch in Arizona, Rambo is informed by a family friend that her grand-daughter has gone missing in Mexico. The pair hook up to search for the youngster, unearthing a sex-trafficking ring as violence comes to the fore and Rambo looks to bring down a vicious crime lord and save kidnapped girls.