Various entertainment media sites have reviewed the Stephen King multiverse series “Castle Rock,” and the majority are in favour of the dark and unusual anthology show. The reviews say that King’s Constant Readers and other fans of his work will enjoy and appreciate the series.

The story is set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, a creepy place, full of foreboding and the feeling that things are going to go very, very wrong. An excellent cast provides a great backdrop for the series, which starts off by showcasing a death row attorney, Henry Deaver (played by André Holland of “American Horror Story” fame), as he returns to his hometown.

Return to the creepy hometown of ‘Castle Rock’

The reason for Deaver’s return is the mysterious arrival of an unknown prisoner, found in a cage beneath Shawshank Prison, dubbed “The Kid” and played by “It” star, Bill Skarsgård. No one knows where he came from, but those who watched the recent clown horror adaptation of the story know where he is going or where he has been.

The story gradually introduces storylines and characters from some of King’s most appreciated and iconic novels, including “Cujo,” “Needful Things” and more.

Other stars of ‘Castle Rock’

As seen in the recent new trailer for the new Hulu show, Terry O’Quinn of “Lost” fame is there, along with talented actress Sissy Spacek.

Other members of the cast include Melanie Lynskey and Jane Levy.

Reviews of 'Castle Rock'

As the various outlets review the series, many seem to point to “Castle Rock” as being dedicated to hardcore Stephen King fans, but hopefully, anyone that likes a show that is creepy, different and mysterious will be able to get behind it.

Forbes describes the series as being a “dark horror/mystery thriller” that ticks all the correct boxes. They say the sound design of “Castle Rock” will make viewers jump, while the filming of the show is a little “off-putting. That report says fans of “Stranger Things” as well as King fans will enjoy it.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new horror show does tend to play on the viewer’s knowledge of the town of Castle Rock from Stephen King’s epic stories.

However, they say the series tends to lack its own compelling narrative.

According to a review by Consequence of Sound, “Castle Rock” tends to be similar to “Lost,” “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld, saying the series “relishes the little details.” Those details will reportedly be inconsequential to most viewers, but an essential part of the show for “die-hards.”

However, reading other reviews, many critics were highly impressed by the haunting way the story is told, which they say weaves very topical themes including political corruption, along with more supernatural elements.

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Meanwhile, lucky US viewers will be able to form their own opinion of “Castle Rock” when it premieres on Hulu on 25th July. UK viewers will have to be patient as there is no home for the series there yet. Hopefully, like the excellent TV adaptation of King's “Mr. Mercedes” the show will air on Amazon Prime's STARZPLAY or elsewhere soon.