In the horror Film “The Shining,” Danny Torrance’s father, Jack Torrance, went mad and tried to kill his son. Danny, who had the titular “shining,” or strange abilities, is all grown up now after Stephen King published the 2013 book “Doctor Sleep.” That novel is now being made into a movie of the same name and Ewan McGregor is likely to play the lead role as an adult Danny.

‘The Shining’ sequel, ‘Doctor Sleep’ as a film

As reported by Gizmodo, there was talk about a “Doctor Sleep” film earlier in the year. Mike Flanagan, who directed another King adaptation, “Gerald’s Game,” will be the director.

At this stage, a release date of 24 January 2020 is anticipated, so King’s Constant Readers will have a bit of a wait. Besides directing, Flanagan has penned the script of the film, which he has based on an early draft written by Akiva Goldsmith. Trevor Macy will be producing, together with Jon Berg of Vertigo Entertainment.

Danny Torrance is all grown up now

As in the novel, Danny will continue to deal with all the traumatic events of his childhood, while staying at the Overlook Hotel. He continues to have his “shine” abilities, but now he is grown up, he is also showing some of his dad’s (“Here’s Johnny!”) less pleasant traits.

Initially, Torrance is trying to dampen down his powers with alcohol, but eventually, he decides to sober up.

He then uses his power for good to help dying people at a local hospice. Throughout the story, Danny finds other people with similar powers, particularly when connecting to a young girl with the “shine.” Both Danny and the girl are then targeted for their abilities by a group of evil people. The group finds out they can increase their own powers by inhaling what they call the “steam” that emanates from people like Danny, particularly if those particular people suffer a painful death.

Stephen King approves Ewan McGregor in lead role

As noted by Variety, King himself has approved the choice of McGregor in the role of Danny. The talented actor has played many different characters, some of whom are broken like Danny, but he has also played heroes. As reported by Gizmodo, McGregor seems to have room in his filming schedule after the box office basic flop of the latest “Star Wars” film.

If McGregor does take the role as Danny in "Doctor Sleep," as other news sources are saying, he will be helping to increase the incredibly burgeoning cinematic universe that comes from the mighty pen of Stephen King.