Who can forget the Christmas comedy movie “Home Alone,” released in 1990? The original movie involved Macaulay Culkin's character being left behind at home while his family goes on holiday without him. That movie spawned two sequels, putting Culkin firmly on the acting map. A so-called “remake” of “Home Alone” is set to be released in cinemas just in time for the Film’s 20th anniversary.

The remake involves producer Ryan Reynolds and Fox reimagining the story from the classic comedy film. With the ingenious title “Stoned Alone,” the film will be an R-rated comedy to be directed by Augustine Frizzell.

Scriptwriters are Matt Mider (who wrote the Netflix film “The Package”) and Kevin Burrows.

‘Stoned Alone’ on the classic comedy’s 20th anniversary

As reported by Deadline, “Stoned Alone” will be produced by Ryan Reynolds through his Maximum Effort production banner under Fox studios, with George Dewer acting as executive producer. That report states that the director, Augustine Frizzell is a new voice in comedy, who directed “Never Goin’ Back.” She is also been involved in directing HBO’s “Euphoria.”

The scriptwriters involved in “Stoned Alone” wrote the script for a Netflix comedy which was originally supposed to be titled “Eggplant Emoji,” but was retitled “The Package.” As soon as they heard about the new film project, they signed up for the task.

Plot of the new ‘Home Alone’ remake

The plot synopsis is as follows. The new film is centred around a 20-something stoner and weed grower who was supposed to be heading off for a skiing holiday but manages to miss his plane. The loser decides to make the best of his time by getting high on his own product instead.

As he continues to get high, paranoia sets in and the stoner starts thinking he can hear someone breaking into his house.

It turns out he is right, as burglars have, indeed, broken in. Now he is completely stoned and paranoid, the stoner attempts to fight off the burglars and defend his home.

No casting news out as yet

The Independent reports that no casting news is out just yet, but one wonders if Macaulay Culkin might want to step in to reprise his role.

However, he might now be too old to play the stoner.

Culkin’s original film “Home Alone” did well at the box office, grossing $476 million (£361 million) and leading to two sequels being produced. The three films put Culkin firmly in the limelight. However, not much has really been seen of the actor since then.