Actor Bill Skarsgard, 27, is preparing for his role in the sequel to the popular adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “It.” The sequel will cover a period set 17 years later in the story, where the Losers’ Club is now all grown up.

The adult version will be played by, among others, Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy and Skarsgard told Collider how different it was to work with adults as the Losers' Club instead of kids. According to Skarsgard, it is a very different experience to the first Film

‘It’ star Bill Skarsgard speaks about the sequel

With the sequel set 17 years in the future from the first film, Skarsgard finds it weird to work with adult actors.

He said in the first film he and Andy Muschietti had a lot of fun hanging out with the kids and that they were so excited to make the film. Now the adults are coming into the frame, it’s very different. He called the experience “weird” and "surreal,” as some of the actors in the Stephen King adaptation are big stars.

As noted by Indie Wire, Skarsgard explained that it will be a “very different shooting experience” with adult actors, but he is sure it will also be fun. Bill added that the actors are very cool and are talented, adding they will all bring much to the table.

Bill Skarsgard’s character as a pop-culture icon

Since the filmIt” was released in cinemas, Pennywise has become quite the pop-culture icon and he has unexpectedly become a heartthrob among fans. Skarsgard spoke about getting back into that now familiar costume as Pennywise. He said it is almost like he is re-adapting himself after the clown horror became a phenomenon and Pennywise became very iconic and a star.

Skarsgard mentioned there are images all over Instagram of people and their kids wearing Pennywise costumers for Halloween. He said the phenomenon is all over social media.

Despite the global response to his character, Skarsgard said it was a “dualistic thing” for him between working on the films and the character himself, but added it was still a lot of fun.

Bill added that actors have already had a read through for the sequel to King's novel and he has attended some rehearsals. He said he was surprised that so much of Pennywise’s character is still there.

Skarsgard went on to say he could access the character of Pennywise again instantly, just as if it was yesterday that the first film was wrapped. He said preparing and working out his character was almost intuitive, which he said was very cool.

However, fans mustn’t get too excited too soon. The sequel to the film “It” will only be released in cinemas on 6th September 2019. However, anyone wanting a refresher on the story can now get the first film on Blu-ray, DVD, 4K Ultra HD and digital download.