Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato have welcomed a new member of the family after their baby daughter was born. Luisana shared a cute black and white photo of the baby’s tiny hand, complete with her hospital bracelet reading “baby girl,” to Instagram on 26 July while making the announcement of the new arrival to their family.

Lopilato is originally from Argentina and captioned the image in Spanish, asking how you can explain that your heart is exploding with love, adding there are not enough hours in a day to think about that. She went on to thank God for the gift of the baby girl, saying she brings “life and happiness.” Luisana added that looking into her daughter’s eyes was like looking into heaven itself.

Baby Vida welcomed into the Michael Bublé clan

Lopilato continued in the Instagram caption to say that the family loves baby Vida to “infinity and beyond.” Luisana said they had waited for her to grow, not only as a family but also because she gave them light. Luisana ended by saying Vida is and will always be their “soul’s life.” In the comments to the post, many of her Instagram followers shared their congratulations with the newly-increased family.

Now they are a family of five

The couple’s new baby joins her five-year-old brother, Noah, who has recently bravely battled cancer, following his diagnosis in 2016, as well as her two-year-old brother Elias.

As reported by Digital Spy, last year, Luisana shared the good news that Noah is now “well” following his treatment for cancer.

However, Bublé stopped all professional engagements over the entire two-year period, including being the host of the 2017 Brit Awards.

Michael Bublé returns to the limelight

The Canadian singer returned to the stage on 13 July 2017, when he thrilled an audience in Hyde Park, London. Before he began to sing, Bublé tearfully announced that Noah was now cancer-free.

He addressed the audience of 55,000 fans, despite the pouring rain that night. Even better, later during his performance, he brought young Noah up on stage, much to the audience’s delight.

As reported by OK!, on July 5, Bublé had happily shared the news of the impending birth on the “Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show” that their baby daughter would be arriving soon. The singer said for the first time, “I’ve got a baby daughter coming.” At that stage, Michael, 42, predicted she would arrive in “three weeks,” which turned out to be pretty much right on the mark.