"Aquaman," the movie got an official trailer release at the San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. DC Entertainment screened it, and it looks like this could be a good movie. Variety noted that it stars “Game of Thrones” alum Jason Momoa. He did sort of spoil the ending a bit. According to Comic Book, he said, "the last frame of this movie you're going to see him actually become the thing he was destined to be."

That's a big spoiler, but it's really is no amazing surprise, as that's what happens in the comic books. Nobody really expected that Arthur Curry would be the loser in the war with his half-brother Orm.

Trailer shows 'Aquaman' Arthur Curry in an aquarium

"Aquaman" trailer starts off with Arthur Curry standing on a lighthouse and he commentates his own origins. His father met his mother when she washed up on the beach. He saved her, not knowing her origins. They fell in love and Arthur was born to them.

The next bit is a nicely done touch, where the trailer shows Arthur as a young schoolboy in an aquarium. He is obviously a boy who gets bullied. Some boys tease him for talking to the fish and they attack him. This makes the sharks in the tank go crazy, trying to smash the glass to save little Arthur. Arthur holds out his hand and the sharks stop trying to get out. That's where he learned that he has something special.

Arthur Curry, the adult with super-powers

Arthur is next shown looking rather hunky, with an attitude. Cut scene, and he's in a submarine. He asks, "Permission to come aboard?" Then he takes out the armed men inside in no time at all. Variety noted that he has loads of powers. "Aquaman has the ability to control the tides, communicate with other sea life, swim at supersonic speeds, and possess superhuman strength."

'Aquaman's' destiny to lead his people in a war

The trailer shows that people from Atlantis have been looking for him.

They warn him that his evil half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson), wants to cause a huge war. He wants to unite all of the underwater world people and destroy the humans on Earth who pose a danger to the oceans. Arthur Curry needs to stop the war with the surface world if he wants to save his people. Our reluctant hero has to get the trident and lead his people.

As was apparently spoiled, it seems he succeeds in his journey to become a great ruler.

Scenes in 'Aquaman' trailer look good

Judging by the footage shown in the trailer, the cinematography and special effects look good. There are the excellent actions shots in the submarine and lovely colours of the underwater world. The movie should appeal to all comic fans, both young and old. 'Aquaman" is set to release just in time for Christmas this year.