Yesterday, an update on the Avenged Sevenfold website announced that all forthcoming tour dates for the “End Of The World Tour” had been cancelled just two days before it started. The news broke as the vocalist, M. Shadows, wrote a statement saying that he had an ongoing infection - rendering him “voiceless”.

The “End of the World Tour”, set to commence on July 22 consisted of 25 dates across North America. Beginning in Mansfield, Massachusetts, the band were set to travel through 22 states before concluding in Houston, Texas in September.

Statement issued by the singer

In the announcement, the singer wrote how he obtained the viral infection after the band’s return from Europe. Making apparent the gravity of the situation, he went on to describe how it was only following a week of medication that swelling deteriorated enough for doctors to diagnose the issue. According to the vocalist, the consequence of the virus has led to an inability of vibration within the vocal folds, caused by a blood blister.

Although completely unable to sing now, the frontman assured fans that three months of vocal rest should be all that is necessary in order to regain his singing ability. While many remain disappointed across the United States, it initially appears that none feel more let down than the band themselves.

As the statement progresses, Shadows expresses his devastation towards the cancelled tour. Following extensive apologies to fans, crew members and supporting bands, the vocalist writes his lack of control over the situation and his powerlessness to change circumstances; “I have exhausted every possible solution in trying to get out there and perform for you.

It just simply can’t happen at the moment”.

Response from others and the future of the band

Prophets of Rage and Three Days Grace were both due to open for the Grammy-nominated band during the tour. Prophets of Rage released a statement on twitter also apologising to fans and conveying their disappointment while Three Days Grace have not yet commented on the cancellation.

Despite the unfortunate announcement, Shadows offers a glimmer of hope for fans of Avenged Sevenfold. While in the short-term it seems the band is at an unforeseen stand-still, the vocalist teases readers in his statement, saying that the band have multiple new releases coming in the future; “we have a few things coming down the pipe soon that should be fun so we hope you look out for those”.

Ticket holders seeking a refund for the “End Of The World Tour” will be available to acquire one from their original place of purchase.