Trooping the Colour parade on Saturday was not without incident. The Royals gathered on 9th June 2018, to celebrate both the historical Trooping of the Colour and the Queen's official birthday. The parade has taken place almost annually since 1820, with only a few circumstances such as mourning periods or bad weather causing the event to be cancelled. This year the parade was not without incident as Field Marshal Lord Guthrie fell off his horse, The Telegraph reported.

Lord Guthrie's fall

The Telegraph noted that Lord Guthrie appeared to "collapse and slip from his" horse.

He was hurt by the fall and was treated by paramedics on The Mall. He was taken to a hospital and a Ministry of Defence spokesperson said that he is being treated.

Witnesses told the Telegraph that he did not look well before he fell and they thought he was going to "faint." It happened behind the Queen's carriage and "just in front of the monument" when he fell.

Trooping the Colour Royal attendees

Among the Royals to make an appearance at this year's parade were the Queen, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their eldest children, and the newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This year marks the first time that the Duchess of Sussex has attended the Trooping of the Colour. Time's live stream on YouTube showed that Prince Phillip was not able to attend.

The youngest Royals

Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined their cousins and other Royal Family members on the balcony to watch the aircraft, as they flew overhead. Each of them had a book to tell them all about each of the aircraft that they could see, and they all stared excitedly up at the sky.

The young Royals were certainly one of the highlights of the day, as they waved to the pilots of the Red Arrows as the filled the sky with red, white and blue.

Prince George seemed to share his family's love of aircraft and the military as viewers could see a big smile on his face.

The Royal family's military involvement was also shown in their outfits, with Prince Charles, the Duke of York, Prince William and Prince Harry, all wearing their military uniforms for the event. The Queen looked neat and smart as is usual.

A historical event at the Trooping the Color parade

CNN noted that the day also marked a historical event as Guardsman Charanpreet Singh Lall, wore a black turban in place of the traditional bearskin. The Sikh Guardsman told The Independent that he hoped that people will "Look at it as a new change in history."

Guardsman Singh Lall is the first person to wear a religious headpiece in place of the bearskin and is an example of the military's diversity and acceptance. Lall further stated in his interview with The Independent, that he hoped that others from different religions and backgrounds would "Be encouraged to join the Army."