Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were spotted arriving at the Trooping the Colour parade in London today. Thousands of people turned out to watch the annual event that "dates back to Charles II in the 17th century when regiment colours were trooped in front of soldiers so they could recognise their unit in battle," according to The Sun.

The BBC reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived to attend this special day on Queen Elizabeth's calendar. Time streamed the occasion live on YouTube and many of the viewers from around the world were hopeful of catching sight of the famous royal couple.

Meghan and Harry chatter on YouTube live stream by Time

There was quite a lot of chatter in the channel. Harry Javila posted, "Meghan is inside the white building behind the Queen's tent."

Another viewer, Hrh-Pan F, wrote, "I have never been sooo interested in Trooping the colour before... BUT this year cos of Dutchess Meghan am watching full parade!! All da Queen's men & all da Queen's horses look splendid!!"

Social media users on Twitter also discussed Markle

Over on Twitter, there was also a lot of interest in Meghan Markle being at the Trooping the Colour parade. MSN posted up a photo of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arriving at the event, with the caption saying that Meghan was showing her "Her Post-Honeymoon Glow as She Arrives for Her First Trooping the Colour."

Trooping the Colour drew comments from around the world

On Twitter, there were comments about how well Meghan Markle was looking.

She showed a great deal of poise and flair. One user tweeted, "Not that anyone was worried, but I think Meghan Markle is adjusting just fine to this whole “Duchess” thing."

In fact, she looked so relaxed about all the fuss that another user pointed out she looked like she was off to a "Hollywood Premiere."

On that note, back on YouTube, some people took the line that her off-the-shoulder dress was beautiful but was risky as it seems to break protocols. This was also picked up by the media, with People writing that she had broken protocol and even mentioned the word "Again!" They wrote, Meghan Markle may official (sic) be a royal now, but she’s still taking risks!"

The Evening standard noted that she was wearing "Carolina Herrera for the Trooping of the Colour." Whether it was a risky outfit or not, those people who adore the couple seemed only too happy to see them as they were spotted three weeks after they got married.