Due to emergency maintenance, PUBG was forced to shut down its time-limited War Mode. The mode wasn’t live for very long before PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ developer, PUBG Corp, needed to end it due to server issues.

War Mode started on May 3, but soon it became apparent that there were server issues and instability. On May 4, emergency maintenance took place and it was discovered that War Mode was the cause of the issues, so it needed to be shut down.

'PUBG' server issues

PUBG Corp stated that they were sorry they needed to end the event early and that their engineers are working hard to ensure the issue doesn’t reoccur in the future.

Since then there have been no reports of major issues with PUBG.

War Mode itself, is basically team deathmatch. It pits teams of five players against each other on Miramar with the goal of being the first team to reach 200 points. There are up to 10 teams taking part at one time and players gain points by killing and knocking down opposing players. Unlike the regular battle royale mode, players can respawn in War Mode. This is restricted to a small confined safe zone to help prevent spawn killing.

PUBG gained fame through being a battle royale game. This concept has players parachuting onto an island to try and be the last person standing. Players need to search for weapons and supplies to help them survive against their opponents.

Over time, the area that players can survive in shrinks forcing players nearer each other and causing battles to ensue.

PUBG originally released on PC but has since had an exclusivity deal with Microsoft. This means that it is unlikely to ever see a release on other platforms like the PlayStation 4 or the Nintendo Switch. However, PC and Xbox One players can still enjoy the game.

Other battle royale games

While PUBG first popularised the concept of battle royale games, the genre has grown since its first release. Another popular game is Fortnite which takes a different tack to the battle royale idea. In Fortnite players are crafting weapons and structures as well as competing to be the last player standing.

The art style is also radically different with PUBG going for the gritty realism look and Fortnite looking more like a cartoon.

War Mode was meant to run from May 3-6, and there has been no word on when it will make a return. It started with the release of PUBG’s most recent update that included new weapons, vehicles, attachments and balance changes.