Burnout Revenge” is the latest addition to the Xbox One backwards compatible catalogue. Developed by Criterion for the original Xbox, this face paced arcade racer is a fan favourite that many have been looking forward to playing on modern machines.

Burnout Revenge” was originally released back in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and original Xbox, and made the jump to HD on the Xbox 360 a year after. It was the fourth Burnout title developed by Criterion and further encourage aggressive driving with the inclusion of traffic checking. This allowed players to shunt regular cars into other racers for takedowns and refill your boost gauge.

Burnout Revenge” was the most chaotic of all the “Burnout” games to date and while many review sites praised and embraced this, others felt that it ruined some of the challenge of previous games. The next “Burnout” game developed by Criterion was the open-world “Burnout Paradise.”

The franchise is beloved by fans with many wanting a new game from Criterion. The HD release of “Burnout Paradise” went some way towards providing this, but the addition of “Burnout Revenge” on the Xbox One backwards compatible program is another welcomed addition.

Criterion's history

Criterion is well known for taking over the “Need for Speed” series and developed the latest instalments in the series - “Hot Pursuit,” “Most Wanted,” and “Rivals.” They also worked in collaboration with DICE to help create “Star Wars Battlefront 2.” However, it was the “Burnout” games are where Criterion made a name for themselves.

“Dragon Age 2” and “Saints Row 2” recently became backwards compatible with the Xbox One, and this is just the latest addition. To play “Burnout Revenge” on your Xbox One, you can either use a disced copy, previously owned digital version or purchase it from the Xbox Marketplace. This gives you plenty of options for playing this newly added backwards compatible game.

Other backwards compatible games

Xbox One owners might prefer new games over old ones becoming backwards compatible, but Microsoft has added plenty of highly rated games to program and don’t look like they’ll be stopping any time soon. This joins the ranks of “Portal 2,” “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,” “Gears of War,” and many others.

Xbox 360 and original Xbox games are far cheaper than Xbox One games, so if you haven’t played any of these classic games from previous generations, then this might be the excuse you’ve been looking for.