Snoop Dogg officially pranked Matthew McConaughey on the set of the FilmThe Beach Bum.” In one scene, Snoop handed McConaughey real weed instead of the prop weed that was supposed to be used. McConaughey opened up about the six-minute scene on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” saying making the movie with Snoop Dogg and Jimmy Buffett was so much fun he couldn't believe he got paid for it.

Snoop Dogg pranked McConaughey on one set of ‘The Beach Bum’

Speaking about what happened when filming the movie, McConaughey told Kimmel that Snoop Dogg officially "Snooped" him.

His character is a writer who has writer’s block, and Snoop's character was trying to help him relax and get his writing going again. In the six-minute scene, Snoop handed him the fake weed, which was supposed to be an oregano mix or something, it turned out it was the real official deal. The "Magic Weed" went on to relax him for real.

The Hollywood actor told Jimmy that it happened when Snoop’s character says, “Yo, Moondog,” adding that it wasn’t prop weed, and was actually “Snoop Weed.” McConaughey said, “Oh, you son of a gun.” From then on for nine hours both characters were having a lot of fun and that he doesn’t believe they used any words in the English language.

McConaughey told Snoop the next day that he had been “Snooped,” joking about the incident.

'One big song'

He also said that filming the movie with the rapper and Jimmy Buffett was “one big song” and was so much fun he can’t believe he got paid for it.

Kimmel asked McConaughey if it was a case of putting the most fun guys together, to which Matthew replied that it was called “The Beach Bum” so it could only be fun. He said Snoop Dogg was “a prince of a man.” Meanwhile, Kimmel said at the start of the film that it was "mind-boggling" to him that a movie was made with the two musicians and Matthew himself.

The full interview between Kimmel and McConaughey can be enjoyed below.

‘The Beach Bum’ and Snoop Dogg

Besides Matthew and Snoop, the film also stars Zac Efron, Isla Fisher, Jimmy Buffett and Jonah Hill. The movie is the first one that director Korine has been involved in since the 2012 movie “Spring Breakers.” Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg is now hosting his own YouTube series relating to the history of the ice hockey. When he uploaded his first tutorial in April, Snoop could be seen to discuss the Stanley Cup history. He also delves into various superstitions relating to the Stanley Cup, including the rumor that the cup can only be touched by its winners. The rapper said there is only one way to lift up that cup, you have to win it.