John became an online internet presence in 2006 and accumulated more than 2.2 million subscribers throughout his YouTube career as a game critic and commentator. Not only a YouTuber, Bain, was also a top Steam game Curator with 851,021 followers. He helped others on the site by recommending games to help others discover more throughout the platform. As well as being a host on his podcast that was also involved in the Gaming world.

Successful YouTuber

Over the years, through accumulating such a big following from being active in the gaming community led him to win the 2014 award for Fan's Choice at The Game Awards.

As well as being the runner-up for the 2012 Greatest YouTube Gamer at the Golden Joystick awards.

Originating from County Durham John was diagnosed with the cancer in 2014 and went into remission. But, later the cancer returned with it spreading his spine and liver.

On his channel, Bain, had documented his work journey with a series of blogs. Bain said he had become resistant to the chemotherapy.

This lead to him revealing earlier this month that he would be retiring from his critical videos due to his health. Bain, stated that his wife Genna Bain would go on to take over his YouTube account. Genna, already an online success herself with a 'vlogging' channel with over 130,000 subscribers, as well as being the CEO of Cynical Brit (one of John's channels) and Axiom eSports.

Thus, John had no problem with his wife taking over from him being as successful and driven as she is.

John Bain's death was officially confirmed on his official Twitter account.

Genna Bain, also writing a tweet which read "Rest in peace my dearest love," along with the poem 'Love Constant Beyond Death' to pay tribute to her late husband.

Twitter Reacts

With his death, came a flood of support from his fans.

One fan addressing how they thought that Bain was a role model to his fans and an inspiration for others to create videos they want.

As well as fellow YouTuber Boogie speaking about the impact that Bain had on the Gaming Community on YouTube.

Online streaming platform Twitch also voiced their thoughts on the loss of Bain and thanking him for his contribution.

While many fans mourned the loss of Bain, others were quick to jump in and criticise him. It was no secret that Bain's, online personality was one which was ruthless, honest and what some describe as 'problematic'. The audience either loved him or hated him because of this, with lead to some negative comments from people who were not so fond as him, however, his dedicated fans came to his defence, acknowledging his behaviour but the lack of class of attacking a man who has just passed.

It appears that John Bain has left a lasting mark on the YouTube community, the Gaming community, and the fans who have supported him until the end.