Co-op action RPG, “Dauntless” has just started its open beta. It is a “Monster Hunter” style action game where players much track and fight enormous creatures across an aether-charged landscape. It is available to download on PC only with a full release later this year.

Monster Hunting in ‘Dauntless’

Dauntless” sees players taking the role of Slayers who must work together to defeat massive Behemoths that are feeding on the essence of the Shattered Isles - the realm the game takes place in. There is a single-player campaign and an Evergame mode that continues past the story with challenges, heroic difficulty and Dire Behemoths.

Developer, Phoenix Labs have stated that they will continually update and add content to “Dauntless” and that this will include expansions, new adventures and Behemoths.

Dauntless” is free to download and try, but if you enjoy the game and want more then you can purchase various supporter packs which come with goodies for the full release and other benefits. Phoenix Labs have also released the opening cinematic which shows the harsh environs of the Shattered Isles. The game is set for release later in 2018 but doesn’t have a confirmed launch date yet.

‘Monster Hunter’ and its origins

Its primary inspiration, “Monster Hunter,” saw its latest and most successful release earlier this year with “Monster Hunter: World” which released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a PC release scheduled for later this year.

The first “Monster Hunter” game was released in 2004 for PlayStation 2.

Monster Hunter” games have since gone on to be released on most major platforms including the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Each game is developed and published by Capcom and there are no signs that the franchises will slow down anytime soon.

In “Monster Hunter” games, just like in “Dauntless,” players are hunting and gathering resources from fearsome creatures. Players can go it alone or forms teams of up to four players. There are plenty of different weapon types available for hunters to try and players will likely find something that fits their playstyle. As players fight stronger opponents, they can craft better gear and continue the cycle until they reach the pinnacle of the game.

Dauntless” has entered open beta and you can download this from their website. It isn’t the only monster hunting game you can play on PC, but it is the certain the latest.