Reus” recently announced that it sold 1 million copies as it celebrates its fifth anniversary. The 2D god game is releasing a remastered version of its soundtrack and brand-new trailer in commemoration.

Developed by Abbey Games and released in May 2013, “Reus” puts players in control of giants who can change the nature of a plant through creating life, altering genes and terraforming the landscape. It was met with a fantastic critical response and received 8/10 from Gamespot and 9/10 from Destructoid.

Where to find ‘Reus’ soundtrack

The remastered soundtrack totals 25 tracks which tell the story of the game and the events the players go through.

It is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp for £3.99. The original soundtrack is still available on Steam.

Reus” is available on Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux), GOG, (PC, Mac, and Linux), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players join a planet with more than 100 plants, animals and minerals as they observe humanity and allow their joins to praise or punish them. Throughout your journey, you will see the world evolve and be able to change and shape things to your vision.

Abbey Games other releases

Developer Abbey Games was founded in 2012 and is based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. “Reus” was their first title and they have since developed turn-based adventure game “Renowned Explorers” with its multiple DLC expansions.

Currently, they are working on an unannounced third project and a new “Renowned Explorers” expansion.

Joining the remastered soundtrack is a new trailer featuring its tracks and giving an idea of the changes made to the music. The soundtrack includes all of the tracks from the original soundtrack, along with previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The music was created by composer Joni van der Leeuw, an in-house composer for Abbey Games.

Reaching 1 million sales is an impressive feat for an indie game, so this celebration is well deserved. This follows update patch 1.6 which was recently released. This adds an ‘Unlock All’ option to the game, fixes some bugs and rebalances certain areas of the game.

You can find a full patch notes breakdown on the developer website.

You can pick up “Reus” on Steam (PC, Mac, and Linux), GOG, (PC, Mac, and Linux), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can also find the remastered soundtrack on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp. The Bandcamp version doesn’t include “Sound Palette Demo” or “Prosperity Theme” (Chiptune Remix)., though.