PlayStation VR has a new exclusive game launching later this month called “Animal Force.” This game is a new twist on the classic tower defence formula as players will use super-powered animals to help fend off alien invaders. “Animal Force” releases on May 22nd, 2018 and is exclusive to PS VR.

‘Animal Force’ game modes

Traditionally, tower defence games are 2D, however, “Animal Force” takes full advantage of a 3D area and allows you to place your animal defenders wherever you wish. Players will utilise their PS Move controllers to attack and dodge their alien adversaries.

All of this takes place in real-time, so players need to stay on their toes throughout the game.

Animal Force” also comes with three local multiplayer mini-games where other players can simply grab a Dualshock 4 and get involved. The first mode is called Odd One Out the PS VR player must try to find the other hidden players. The second has the controller user trying to rob the VR player in Steal the Statue. And finally, in Divide & Conga, players much pick up other humans and carefully lead them to safety.

Animal Force” is the latest addition to the PS VR catalogue and includes all of these features in a single digital download from the PlayStation Store. Players will need a PS VR headset, Move Controllers and multiple Dualshock 4 Controllers to take full advantage of all of the modes.

PlayStation VR originally launched back in October 2016 but has since struggled to find its feet. There haven’t been many hardware selling games and the high entry fees have put many consumers off. While this is still the cheapest way to experience VR in your home, it will still set you back around £250 for everything you need to enjoy a variety of games.

As well as the VR headset, players also need Move Controllers and a PlayStation Camera. Without all of these extra accessories, players cannot play certain games.

Other PS VR games

However, there have been well received VR games released. “Resident Evil 7” was heavily praised for its use of VR as it worked with the game's tension and horror.

Other games have also had VR modes or become VR compatible, but there haven’t been many ‘must buy’ VR exclusives.

PS VR owners can use their headset to watch films and TV as well as play games. This allows for an immersive viewing experience for the user.

Animal Force” releases on May 22nd, 2018, and is exclusive to PS VR. It is only releasing digitally on the PlayStation Store