The “Wipeout Omega Collection” recently went live on the PlayStation Store. It includes two tracks from last year's release and a new look at the PS VR mode. Whether you have a PS VR headset or are looking for your next racing game purchase, the demo is a welcome addition.

The games included in the ‘Wipeout Omega Collection’

The “Wipeout Omega Collection” was released in June 2017. It is a futuristic, fast-paced racer that is a remaster of the two previous games - “Wipeout HD” and “Wipeout 2048.” The game includes nine game modes including Tournament, Speed Lap, Time Trial, Single Race, Eliminator, and Career Mode.

Across the two remasters, there are 26 unique tracks and 46 unique ships. There is also a local split-screen and online multiplayer. Players can also customise their races using Racebox, and this is available on every track.

Wipeout Omega Collection” is now compatible with PlayStation VR, so players can experience reaching over 700KPH in VR. For new players, there is the ‘Lock Camera To Cockpit’ control scheme which ensures that players have a comfortable, exhilarating ride. For experienced players, there is the ‘Lock Camera To Pilot’ which allows them to experience what it might be like to drive one of this ships in real life. You feel every turn and movement of your ship and when you do things like a barrel roll, you spin 360 degrees.

This mode is not for the faint of heart.


PS VR launched in October 2016 and has yet to fully find its feet. There have been several releases that are exclusive to the hardware, but the high price point and lack of defining games have made it a hard sell. More and more games are now being released on PS VR and the cost of the headset and accessories is steadily declining in price, too.

With the addition of “Wipeout Omega Collection” perhaps this might be the jumping-in point people have been waiting for.

The “Wipeout” series began back in 1995 on the PlayStation 1, but it was later released for PCs on MS-DOS and the Sega Saturn. Since then, there have been 10 releases including this latest release. The games are renowned for their extreme speeds and electronica and electronic dance soundtracks.

Originally developed by Sony Studios Liverpool, it has gone on to become one of the most iconic PlayStation franchises around.

The demo is now available on the PlayStation Store and allows players to experience two tracks and try out the PS VR. These can be played in either 2D or VR.