The first “Dragon Ball FighterZ” time-limited event is now on until 11 pm PT on 21st May or 2 am ET on 22nd May. This event is the game’s first Party Battle and allows players to team up against powerful opponents. The first of these time-limited events revolves around the iconic villain - Frieza.

'Dragon Ball FighterZ' boss fights

Party Battle is one of two newly released modes from a recent update. Each of the events in Party Battle will allow up to three players to band together and fight a powerful boss opponent. Participating in the event will give players the opportunity to earn some in-game currency, too.

The first Party Battle is entitled ‘The Emperor Strikes Back’ as players will be fighting the mighty Frieza. Each win a team makes against Frieza is added to a globally shared total with the objective of defeating the mighty villain as many times as possible before the event closes.

The game’s producer, Tomoko Hiroki, explained that the number of foes defeated in this event are linked worldwide and that the number of players taking part and working together will is an important aspect of each Party Battle event.


The other mode recently added to “Dragon Ball FighterZ” is FighterZ Cup. This adds a monthly contest for players and gives them the chance to earn points for their Z-Union. As players earn points for the Z-Union they will receive special rewards.

The longer a player remains in a Union the better the rewards.

Dragon Ball FighterZ” is the critically acclaimed and successful “Dragon Ball” fighting game developed by Arc System Works. It recreates iconic battles, special moves and devastating attacks from the anime and manga. There is also a unique story mode with a game exclusive character for players to enjoy.

New characters are being added to the game at regular intervals with Fused Zamasu and Blue Vegito being added to the game soon.

The game was released back in January and has quickly become an esports favourite featured alongside “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition,” “Smash Bros.,” and “Tekken 7” in major tournaments. The battles are fast paced, flashy and make for excellent tournament material.

The first “Dragon Ball FighterZParty Battle event runs until 11 pm PT on 21st May or 2 am ET on 22nd May. This gives players a limited time to fight a boss version of Frieze with up to three other players. Participating mean that players receive Zeni and Premium Z Coins.