On 11th May 2018, a new mystery documentary rung the bell for Netflix subscribers. 'EVIL GENIUS: The true story of America's most diabolical bank heist'. The true crime documentary could almost be a work of fiction, with its array of strange characters. As for who the strangest character may be; Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong certainly plays her part in adding to the twists and turns that lead to the truth.

It must be made clear that the documentary is rated 15, and Netflix makes sure to state that it contains; images of real dead bodies, strong language and sexual references.

Those of a weaker disposition should be cautious before approaching this particular documentary.

A taste for mystery?!

In the wait for the highly anticipated second series of 'Making a Murderer' Netflix has been sure to fulfil its subscribes cravings for true crime documentaries. Since the success of 'Making a Murderer', which received around 19 million viewers in its first month, from just the US alone, Netflix has continued the trend of successful crime documentaries.

The late 2003 bank heist, took place in a town called Erie,PA. A seemingly fitting name for the mysterious and secretive events that follow the years after the heist. The narrator Trey Borzillieri has a clear and commanding voice, that makes it easy to watch the quartet of 50-minute episodes, without realising.

Another Netflix trend that never fails to succeed.

Within the first 2 minutes of Netflix's newest true crime documentary, viewers are already thrown into the horrific events that occur shortly after the bank heist takes place. Although shocking, it sets the viewer up to accept that this is not a simple tale of 'who done it?'.

Borzillieri's close connection to its leading lady also excites as to what lays ahead.

Mysteries unravelled: spoilers ahead!

The fleeting introduction of Diehl-Armstrong, at the start of part one, begins to make sense to the viewer as more about her personailty is exposed, and another dead body is revealed. The pivotal character in Part One is Brian Wells who is the first in a line of characters that lead to the truth about the bank heist.

Part Two continues to thrust the viewer into the world of, a small collection of residents in Erie,PA. Delving deeper into Diel-Armstrong and her mental illness, that becomes integral to her case. As well as the introduction antagonist to Diel-Armstrong, Bill Rothstein. Whose conflicting stories, but obvious connections to the bank heist add a further level of mystery.

In Part Three yet more characters are introduced. It becomes clear that all of them have a track record and as each of them tries to tell their version of the story, more connections are made by viewers, that link them to the crime. Yet the tangled web of mystery still becomes no clear. As everyone begs the question 'Was Brian Wells involved?'

By Part Four, any viewer that have stuck around, are deeply in the mysteries of this crime.

Like many true crime documentaries before it, viewers become at home detective each with their own views of 'who done it'. Jessica Hoopsick, a prostitute who appeared to have little to do with the case, yet with only 10 minutes left, it is Hoopsick who reveals the truth.

The finale ends how the documentary began; with the horrific event that occurred shortly after the heist. That leaves viewers with questions answered, but still in complete shock, that this was a true event.