PlayStation Plus May 2018 games have recently been announced. The line up will include games from varying genres with some well received and critically praised inclusions. If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, then you can download each of these games for free.

Players gain access to May’s lineup on Tuesday 1 May 2018. With the impending release of "Detroit: Become Human", another Quantic Dream game is headlining this month’s PS Plus - "Beyond: Two Souls". The other main PS4 release will be "Rayman Legends". This is Ubisoft's fantastic platformer starring the titular Rayman.

It was a follow up the well received and successful "Rayman Origins".

On PlayStation 3 consoles, subscribers can look forward to an epic RPG in the form of "Risen 3: Titan Lords." In "Risen", players will pick directly after the plot of the previous game, "Dark Waters." PS3 owners can also look forward to "Eat Them." This is a co-op action game where players take the role of giant monsters eating people. It is as crazy as it sounds.

For any of the PlayStation Vita owners out there, you gain access to "King Oddball" (also available on PS3 & PS4), and "Furmins" Both of these are puzzle games that fit in well on the console.

May’s games


  • "Beyond: Two Souls"
  • "King Oddball" (Cross Buy)
  • "Rayman Legends."


  • "Risen 3: Titan Lords"
  • "King Oddball" (Cross Buy)
  • "Eat Them"

PS Vita

  • "King Oddball" (Cross Buy)
  • "Furmins"

Players can grab each of these on the 1st May, so don’t miss out.

If you are looking forward to "Detroit: Become Human" or are after a decent platformer, then this could be the month for you.

April’s games

Last month’s games included "Mad Max" and "Trackmania Turbo" for the PS4, so make sure that you have added them to your library before the next games are added. Any games that you have added to your library can be played as long as you hold a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Recently, Sony announced that they will stop supporting the PlayStation 3 and Vita systems, so make the most of these last few months of games. They have stated that as of 8 March 2019, there will be no PS Plus games for either of these systems. This might mean that Sony can refocus and give players better games on their PS4 each month.

We will just have to wait and see.

There have been some fantastic games given to players through the PS Plus service, and this seems to be a standout month. The PS4 highlights are both well received and acclaimed titles for players to enjoy. A PS Plus subscription also gives players access to the Sony’s online service allowing for online multiplayer on many of their games.