The music world was stunned earlier today when the 29 year old singer of “Rise like a phoenix” admitted that he has been infected by the disease and already taking some medications. It was a shocking revelation but not that surprising to some especially her ex boyfriend. Common questions were asked towards Conchita. How did she get it? Does she knows who infected her? These are just few questions that she was able to tackle in a post in her social media account.

Who is Conchita Wurst?

Born under the name Thomas Neuwirth, this captivating artist was able to capture imagination of fans which is the main reason why she won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

She used the name Conchita Wurst as her name in correlation to her alter ego and a proud drag queen as well. Wurst path to fame or greatness was never easy. She was actually a member of a short-lived boyband called Jetzt Anders!.

HIV Positive

So who is to blame for her ordeal? There’s really no one to blame but she was very specific about her telling to the world first rather than knowing from third party which is her ex-boyfriend. Apparently, she was threatened by her ex and that is the very reason why she made the firm decision to let it all out. Like any other Hiv virus victim, Conchita Wurst encourages everybody to take step against the “stigmatization” that is going on when HIV is being opened up.

She knows that she has a voice that can affect millions of people due to her stature. Same thing Earvin “Magic” Johnson did when he announced his retirement in the game of basketball in the NBA due to HIV virus.

Medication and treatment

Right now, as per her latest post, the medication and treatment that she received from the doctors has suppressed the virus.

It means to say that HIV is no longer detected on her blood and the virus itself could never be passed on. As for her ex-boyfriend, The Terrence Higgins Trust was alarmed about his actions towards Conchita Wurst and HIV. Revealing or threatening someone with a disease is very unethical and disgusting. However, a lot of people still thinks it is fine particularly if you are a celebrity.

Here comes the trolls

Upon revealing her medical condition, some people had the nerve to criticize her and her lifestyle. There’s a post that went viral on a social media post but it was deleted about transgender and HIV. Probably, the one who posted that meme realize the damage that he has done and impact to the LGBT community.