News flash, this is not the first time we've heard news about the struggle this power couple is going through. Ever since baby Bear was born, it seems that cheryl cole and Liam Payne can’t work on the same page. Both of them handled the interrogation from the media well but they can’t hide the dissension they have between them.

Cheryl is a very private and secretive person, she has been through much turmoil and has risen above it. Who can forget the scandalous cheating revelations of her now ex-husband football player, Ashley Cole? It was regarded as one of the hardest and shocking breakups during that time.

However, as the song states “even the best fall down sometimes”, Cheryl wasn’t the same after ending her relationship with Ashley Cole leading her filing for a divorce.

The breakup

As for Liam Payne, the One Direction band member showed no signs of their relationship having a problem until the start of the year. Liam has been busy touring and focusing on his solo career which gave the impression that everything is okay with him and her partner Cheryl. Then, just a couple of hours ago, Liam stated that if ever he was to split with Cheryl, he wants a clean breakup. With that said, any news about a second baby is not going to happen.

Going back to Cheryl and her “new song”, it was accidentally leaked none other than by one of her best friends and Girls Aloud bandmates Nicola Roberts.

Lately, Nicola and Cheryl have been spotted in the same studio. Actually, they’ve shared numerous photos through Instagram with the producer of Naughty Boy productions. The song featured on Instagram only consist of four short verses but one line stands out.

Comeback song

"You only got with this 'cause I let you, let you." Legions of fans of both Cheryl and Liam shared opinions about the line and it is not surprising that they are divided.

For Liam’s fans, it implies that Cheryl is trying to get the best out of Liam. One fan questioned the line stating that Cheryl is somehow saying that Liam’s success is because of her. Both fans traded jabs. It is now only fitting for this to be resolved, either Cheryl has to release the song or she must say something about that leaked verse.

However, Cheryl’s fans believe that there are more deep reasons why suddenly the fairy tale relationship that they have is crumbling. Although there is no concrete proof, they believe that there’s a third party involvement in this saga. Lastly and probably the biggest factor is the wedding that is not going to happen. It's unfair to say that Cheryl is reluctant to be married to Liam but she is just being more cautious as she is still haunted by her first marriage with Ashley Cole.