The long wait is almost over. Exactly 14 years ago, Pixar produced a movie that would defy the animated film genre with its clever animation, sense of humour and brilliant storytelling. Disney didn’t hesitate to release the film as they believed that it will be a box office hit. Well, they were absolutely positively correct about it.

The original film and its very first trailer didn’t receive a huge recognition due to a variety of reasons. Mainly, critics thought that the movie is just a parody or an imitation of Marvel's Fantastic 4. Each member of the group seems to have identical powers, for instance; Reed Richards better knowns as Mr Fantastic has the same ability similar to Helen Parr or Elastigirl.

Violet Parr or the eldest daughter of Bob and Helen can produce an impact resistant shield and has the gift to be invisible same as Sue Storm-Richards, more popularly known as Invisible girl.

The 'Incredibles' success

However, those critics and non-believers became instant fans, the way the movie was presented was fresh and admired for portraying how a family should be. It is never easy to portray some delicate angles especially when the main audience ranges from 10-16 years old. Surprisingly, they were able to do it so smoothly that even adults were able to enjoy it.

Why did it take 14 years for the next movie? There’s no apparent reason yet on why it took so long for them to produce a sequel but the important thing is, it is going to happen and is already scheduled to be released on July 15 this year.

Everything you need to know about the movie

What’s with the new trailer? It begins with Dash and Violet talking and telling her brother the importance of washing his hands first prior to eating. The segment is funny since it takes Dash three attempts to eat a spring roll because he forgets to use soap and dry his hands. Then the main agenda was opened up which is giving Elastigirl the spotlight instead of Mr Incredible.

Elastigirl is indeed great but they are dealing with a more evil and powerful villain. Based on the trailer, the destruction in this movie is far greater than the original, several buildings collapsed, trainwrecks, fire and an unruly city is the result. Mr. Incredible had enough of it thus ordering his family to suit up.

Lastly, who misses Frozone or Lucius Best played by Samuel L. Jackson who is also the best friend of Mr Incredible? Yes, he is still in the main cast and his part in the trailer is already meme-worthy.