The revelation that Catelynn made one week ago was depressing and at the same time shocking. Out of nowhere, the troubled teen mom accosted Tyler about her recent mental struggle and how it is worsening day by day. It's fully documented that Catelynn has already asked for help before but none of the medications or treatment seems to be working. She explained in detail to Tyler what she has to go through every day which has made her decide to return to rehab.

Catelynn acting way too much?

However, it created an instant backlash among fans who voiced their opinions through different platforms on social media.

A majority of the fans believed that Catelynn is acting way too much. Being in and out of rehab should have at least helped with her battle, but clearly, nothing is happening. They were also mad towards Catelynn due to her sudden decision about divorce. Tyler is not a perfect man but he has shown constantly the love and support that Catelynn badly needs.

Tyler deserves better and should not be held back by Catelynn. This is one of the top sentiments of this avid followers as they feel that Tyler is dealing with way too much because of Catelynn’s insecurities. In addition, Tyler isn’t the only one who will be greatly impacted by this sudden decision. How about their daughters Carly and Nova? Who can forget when she snapped at Nova when she was putting her down for a nap.

There are speculations that Catelynn is just doing this so that she will be the spotlight of the show.


On the other hand, few fans believe that rehab is the best for her. Having a mental issue or breakdown is not to be taken lightly. It is a disease that has literally taken out lives in an instant. Depression is silent, depression is deadly.

This is also the main reason why most teens commit suicide. It is evident from the past few episodes there has been no progress or growth from her rehab. Catelynn doesn’t seem to be interested in anything. A sign that the battle with her inner demons is far from over.

It is hard to take a side on this complicated issue that Catelynn is dealing with.

The good thing about it is, with the show over at least for this season, there will be ample time for her to focus and deal with the anxiety and issues that she has. Hopefully, it's not too late for her and her family. What else can you say about Tyler? The man is true to his word and he hasn’t given up on any trials and tribulations that their marriage is going through.