Arguably the greatest science fiction western thriller is about to return and its timing is perfect, to say the least. For those who are not familiar, Westworld is a TV series that is based on a 1973 film. The very first 10 episodes that they were able to release last year changed the landscape of TV series ratings. The question is, can they follow it up with their much anticipated season?

Season 2 release date

Since it was already announced that the pilot episode will be aired on April 22, fans and anybody who is intrigued about Westworld can still catch up by rewatching/watching season 1.

There is still a lot of ground to cover and maybe the biggest of them all is where Dolores shot Dr Ford. It is no secret that a lot of fans somehow despise the character that is being played by the great Anthony Hopkins. However, this sinister doctor is part of the element that makes the show watchable. Is Dr Ford really dead? Well, as per Jonathan Nolan, producer of the show, the doctor is dead. The only problem is, a lot of fans believe that the question over Dr Ford's demise is part of an upcoming episode that will be monumental in the success of the series.

Key points to watch for

The very first trailer for season 2 was released during the big game and it already has 11 million views on YouTube.

The clip might be shorter than expected but there’s plenty of theories and scenes that can be dissected on that trailer. The last time Dolores was seen was when she attended that toast then killed Dr Ford. It seems like Dolores is giving everybody a fair warning about her destructive behaviour and it is better if everybody would just leave her alone.

Also, the trailer suggest that a dual timeline is being presented. There’s a scene wherein Ben Barnes, (more commonly known as Logan) is at a party and none of the guests is moving except him. Bernard is also seen with a few men overlooking dozens of corpses that are washed away to the shore. And there’s Delos and their sneaky motive towards Westworld.

Their primary reason for their creation was for entertainment but slowly and surely, it is being revealed that they have evil things in mind.

Maeve Milley was also spotted multiple times in that epic trailer and things might get a little complicated for her in Season 2. Maeve had the chance to get out of the park but she refused to leave as she was still in a quest to find her lovely daughter. The power struggle between Maeve and Dolores is imminent as both has a different idea on what Westworld should be. Maeve seems to be leading the charge with those mechanical bulls against Delos's security. Lastly, the ghost nation was shown and they will sure to be a catalyst in what is going to happen in season 2. Ghost Nation possesses the insight to crack the maze and into Westworld’s deep dark secrets.