In the most recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Victoria Beckham and NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal entertained the energetic host with their own funny and revealing stories. The unlikely combination of Shaq and Posh delighted the audience so much they laughed every time the guests opened their mouths. Corden's interviews aren't concentrated on a particular topic and that makes the show very entertaining.

The royal wedding and the bride's gown

Then James Corden started asking some sneaky questions of Victoria Beckham. The brilliant host succeeded in catching Victoria off-guard but she didn’t panic.

Victoria was asked about the design of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress and how it is progressing. She laughed at the question stating maybe James Corden might know more about the wedding and the dress than her. She quickly followed it up stating that she has nothing to do with the dress or the wedding. Corden then replied saying that all the info they have stated that she is leading the group in designing the most talked about wedding dress right now.

Spice Girls for life

Corden wasn’t finished with Victoria as he dished out another question that the majority of the 90’s kids wants to hear the answer to. Approximately a month ago, the world literally stood still when Spice Girls posted a picture of them together.

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms erupted throughout that day making it the most talked about post in recent events. Victoria told James that she is still very good friends with the rest of Spice Girls and they were just talking about the memories that they created during their performing career.

Karaoke Carpool with the girls

Will there ever be another Spice Girls tour? Well, probably not but they are open to the idea of performing together at some time. Corden chimed in stating that maybe they can do a karaoke carpool for the Spice Girls which Victoria agreed. For those who aren’t familiar with the Spice Girl (not sure how), they are one of the biggest girl bands in the late 90’s which captured not only the UK and US audiences but the whole world.

Their message about girl power still lives on today and their blueprint in the industry will surely live forever and it may just be a matter of time until the Spice Girls will grace us with another jaw-dropping performance. A lot of bands tried to imitate the way Spice girl perform but one thing is certain, they cannot replicate the trail blazers that is the Spice Girls.