House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced that he will be retiring at the end of the year, and as with all big news stories of the day, the hosts of late-night comedy talk shows on US television have been making fun of him. They’ve specifically been targeting his departure speech. At one point, Ryan slipped up and used the words “full my serve term.” Jimmy Fallon riffed on this: “Thank you and may bless God the States United.”

Stephen Colbert describes the House Speaker as ‘the CrossFit Dracula’

Ryan was noted for spending a lot of time working out at the Congressional gym, so “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert made that the target of his funniest joke.

Commenting on how the Speaker is retiring to spend more time with his “wife and kids,” the comedian said that that’s “what he calls his biceps.” He also used the name “the CrossFit Dracula” to refer to the retiring House Speaker.

Jimmy Kimmel, meanwhile, took to referencing the “Star Wars” saga in his approach to covering the day’s events. He said that Paul Ryan’s departure was a “major disturbance in the Force,” and sarcastically added that, while the Speaker said that he regrets nothing from his time in office, he will regret “not talking away health care from more poor people.”