Black Mirror has been a big hit worldwide. Everyone is talking about the plot, the characters, simply everything about Black Mirror. Since It has been a big hit or even a news for everyone, I will talk about it in this article.

Obsessing in the rating system

In this episode in Black Mirror, everyone can rate anyone you meet, and everyone can see your rating. Your rating pretty much determine how you would being treated by others. In that world, 5 is the highest rating, so let's say if you got 4.5, you would be treated very well by everyone. But if you got low score like 2-3, everyone would neglect you, they don't even want to talk to you.

So everyone just has to make their rating high by faking themselves in front of others. Like on social media, or whenever they meet someone in real life.

People try to make people like them by posting something fancy on social media, or faking a smile, or doing any positive stuff. The main character Lacie, is obsess in the rating system, she hopes so bad to get a 4.5 score. Thus, no matter who she meets she fake a smile or talk to them nicely even she doesn't want to. Post a photo on her social media site to show everyone she is having a nice breakfast even she thinks it taste awful. Since people like meeting nice people and seeing fancy things, they would rate her higher.

People are always pretending

Actually this is also how our world works. People always fake themselves by giving out positive image to others. People keep pleasing others but indeed they are not happy deep down.Just like Lacie and Naomi in the drama, they hate each other, but since Lacie wanna get into Naomi's Social Circle and let people rate her higher that's why she goes to Naomi's wedding.

All she wants is a photo posted on social media to get stars. Why do you have to pretend to be close with a particular person just because you wanna get into their social circle? Just be yourself and have your own character. Some people is gonna like you for who you are eventually. If people only like the one that you are pretending, then why should they bother you?

They are not true to you anyway. Let's say one day if something bad happened to you they are gonna leave anyway.

Rating system and social class

In fact, the rating system in the drama is somehow like our social class. Poor ones always receive unfair treatments and being isolated. So they always wanna please the rich one to get benefits from them. Just like Lacie getting into Naomi's social circle. But some rich one always look down on the poor even they may be good in heart. And they don't let the lower class get into their social circle either even they are their old friends. Just because they thought it's a black spot having them in life as they are not as good as themselves.

The reason behind is probably people are insecure about themselves, afraid others would look down on them for their status.

That's why they try all the ways to make themselves climb up to the social ladder without noticing the fact that it does not really make them feel any happier. Perhaps it's also due to a lust of a person who would never satisfy, so they keep trying and trying. So after years and years, they may get higher status but left with an empty heart.

Happiness matter the most and stop pretending

Your life is more than just a fancy image in front of others or status or so. Happiness should always matter most. Stop pretending and have your own character! Make yourself stay truly happy. Eventually, someone is going to like you for who you truly are.