In the movie "Begin Again", the main actress, Gretta wrote a song for the main actor, Dave (her boyfriend). She said the song belonged to them and expressed her grievances to him. The melody was chill and relax. But when Dave became more and more popular in his music career, he then sold the song to a music industry and commercialised it to fit the taste of the public. Gretta was frustrated about it as it was be meant to be their own song. She was disappointed about it. In reality, many people start to change their personality and stop being who they are just because they want to fit into the world trend.

Yes, it may make you fit into a particular social circle or even make you popular, but that is not the real you. You would only end up losing your true self. Just like in the Movie, Dave got lots of fans supporting his commercialised music, but he lost Grette, his beloved one. She loved the 'original' Dave the true Dave instead of the one who changed to suit his own his own music style just to fit in.

Your unique story

What makes people unique and beautiful is their own special story. Everyone should have a story that only belongs to themselves, instead of following the mainstream route. Gratte is the one I really admire and appreciate because she is being herself and following her own will. She did not care if her music would make money, instead, she did whatever she wanted and followed her heart.

She made her live music on the street and made a record which even included the noise on the street. She did this just because she wanted to share her music with more people and reach them on a different level. And it ended up winning many people's heart of her special and unique music. And this is Gratte's story.

Learn from Gratte

It seems that following your own will is something easy, but how many people on Earth are really doing so? Stop doing things others what you to do. Ask yourself what you truly want. Try to learn from Gratte, and follow your will. She set a good example on this issue. She didn't get the recognition but was teased for what she was doing at first.

She still insisted on what she was doing. But she ended up, being successful. You may not know the outcome at first and people may judge you for that. Some may even think you are weird, but that is okay. In this lifetime you can't please everyone, just do whatever you enjoy. At the end of the day, someone is going to appreciate and like you for being yourself.