"An Education." What is in your mind when I mention the Movie name "An Education"? Boring mathematics lessons? Told off by teachers in class? For me, it means all the lessons you learnt. Not only the technical skills such the language skills that I learnt at school, but also the lifelong lesson that I learnt from my experience. This is my definition of education.

Story of Jenny

Jenny was an intelligent student in the movie. She got amazing academic results, and she was the role model for all the students at her school. One day, she met a guy called David, who looked charming to her.

Since that day, her life was changed. He took Jenny took to well-known concerts, and fancy restaurants. By doing these, it made Jenny fell in love him. On Jenny's birthday, David brought her to Paris, which was the night Jenny lost her virginity. David proposed to her afterward, she was so happy and accepted his proposal. She quitted school as she thought education was not essential anymore after getting married to David. (A student like Jenny quit school - can you imagine that?) But one day, she found out that David was actually married. When she revealed her discovery to David, he dropped out of sight. She was so disappointed and decided to resume her education. She was accepted by Oxford the next year.

Life is an education

"An Education" is a very simple story, yet very inspiring. You may not have the exact same experience as Jenny, but still, you may understand how Jenny feels. This is because, at some point in your life, you may have made some serious mistakes that make you regret just like Jenny did. But what life educates you in, is that it is alright to make mistakes.

Just learn from it after getting hit. Life itself is an education - you learn from all the bad experiences. For Jenny, she may have learned not to trust people easily and judge everything about them by their looks because she was blinded by all the fancy things that David did for her, making her fall into his 'trap'.

When there's life, there's hope

What I like most from the movie is the theme that it brings: When there's life, there's hope. Jenny could still make her way to Oxford after making all the mistakes. In different stages of life, you could make different mistakes but they make you learn. And these life-long lessons are education. Just pick yourself up and you will grow. You can always find your way.