The story of "The Truman Show" is about a guy who has been living in an idealistic world since he was born. Things in his world are just perfect. There are only ups but no downs in his life. But he finds out that these are all fake one day and people have been pretending to be nice to him. He is living in an idealistic world that the TV show creator created for him. He is actually nothing but an actor in a TV reality show. It is a story about how he sees things in his perfect world and how much he would love to explore the real world.

The life of Truman is unrealistic

Truman's life is so ideal but he thinks that he actually has no life as everything is set. He feels like he hasn't ever explored about the world which is true. And yes, life should be more about exploring rather than just living in your own world. That's why Truman is so excited about leaving that 'idealistic world' and experiencing the realistic world at the end. So when you still have a chance, please be like Truman. Go and explore the world! You have to step out of your comfort zone and give up all the idealistic ideology; then you will know how the world works and what it is like. It's not easy because it takes lots of courage when you live outside your own world.

You may get hurt. But I can tell you, it's going to be worthwhile as you will benefit from that. People always think having all the idealistic things in life means you have a good life but I would say that's not the case. Life is not only about experiencing all the good, but you also have to go through the bad. Through all the downs, you will learn.

At the same time because of the bad things you learn to cherish the good.

Sometimes people think if they project their mindset onto others and protect them from harm is the best thing but that's not true. This is just like what the TV show creator did for Truman. In fact, We don't need to be protected by anyone from harm. In life, we need to explore and get hurt otherwise we will never learn!

Step out of your comfort zone

In this lifetime, you will explore different areas. It may make you uncomfortable when you are out of your comfort zone but that's okay! You will know the dark side of the world and most importantly you will also see the beauty of the world. Just like Truman - he will explore the beauty of the world once he leaves the world that the TV creator set for him. And please don't live a life with the mindset that people imposed on you. You are only going to live once so cherish this chance and be yourself. You gotta live your life in your own way.