la la land has become the hottest discussion topic in the movie sector. However, this is only an ordinary dream fighting story with a simple storyline. Without the slightest doubt, it is touching and regrettable, especially at the end. But would it deserve so many awards from Oscar and Golden Globe just because of that? I personally think it is a lot more than which I would analyse my points below.

La La Land - A fantasy dreamland in Hollywood

The implication of the name La La Land can already touch people's heart by relating it to themselves. It means a place dream and fantasy which is same as Hollywood.

In Hollywood, people may get famous and start their artistic life here. Yet, there are still people who may not be able to fulfil their dreams and give them up eventually. With the movie, Damien Chazelle, the director reminds people as long as you put hard work in your dream and never give it up you would successful one day. This may be a simple yet encouraging and inspiring message to the one who is fighting for their dream. It becomes more meaningful when the setting is in Hollywood and the audience can even directly related themselves with Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone)'s situation.

Pays tribute to Hollywood musicals in different generation

The musical industry in Hollywood is not as popular as the past.

Damien Chazelle hopes to remind the audience of the great and classic work of Hollywood Musical. In this musical, thus he intentionally pays tribute to Hollywood musicals in different generations by referencing them. These musicals include Singing in the rain, Band Wagon, Funny Face, West Side Story, Sweet Charity etc. Just take one example, the scene when Mia and Sebastian at a pool party where Sebastian is playing in a ’80s rock cover band resembles that of Don (Kelly) and Kathy (Debbie Reynolds) in Singing in the Rain.

And of course, the score composed by Justin Hurwitz is also brilliant.


Cinematographer Linus Sandgren has to produce a magical and fantasy atmosphere which is like teaching the camera to dance. He had to move the camera very often even swirl it to mirror the internal state of the character. It is like a musical instrument, the camera movement has to be rhythmical to enhance the magical feel.

An incredible director, a group of a brilliant crew in editing the film with fantastic acting, and music makes La La Land one of the best movie in the year. Besides La La Land, Damien Chazelle has directed another Film called Whiplash which is also about dream and jazz with Justin Hurwitz doing the music part. You may want to see Whiplash with similar elements of La La Land and make a comparison of the two!