As night follows day it was bound to happen. The younger sibling in the Gallagher family, the lead man from Oasis has now confirmed he will be playing in front of live Music fans once again with two concerts planned in Paris this coming July.

Following in the footsteps of his older brother Noel, Liam has been recording new material for a while now and we must now assume this is nearing its conclusion. Just how long it will be until his English fans, not willing to make a trip to Paris, will get to hear them is anybody's guess although I’m sure we won’t have to wait too much longer if the Paris dates are deemed a success.

This surely puts to bed any talk of an Oasis reunion anytime soon. Liam stated late last year that he wasn’t desperate for a reunion and he is clearly looking at other options now.

Richard Ashcroft collaboration

Monday also saw confirmation from Richard Ashcroft of the mouth-watering prospect of a joint gig with Liam sometime in 2017. This has created a huge amount of buzz on social media with Ashcroft’s recent sold out shows attracting acclaim from all quarters of the music press. Liam and Ashcroft have been mates a long time and Ashcroft's name will definitely add some weight, and some company, to whatever show they are planning.

Can his voice cope?

It remains to be seen just how Liam’s voice can cope with a live tour and I suspect in general there is no small amount of skepticism towards his writing ability.

I have heard on the grapevine that this won't be all his own material and I am also aware of external writers being lined up. We shall see. Since the collapse of Beady Eye Liam has obviously been the most inactive of the two brothers with Noel, unsurprisingly for me, going on to great success as a solo artist. As a massive Oasis fan I am willing him to succeed but I have my doubts. I’m sure I am not alone in keeping my fingers crossed for him I look forward to a release date. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when his older brother has his first listen!