A new challenge is arising -The United States and other countries have all fallen to types of different tests: the "Ice Bucket Challenge", the "Cinnamon Challenge", the "So Gone Challenge" and others of the like. But now there is a new task that has been sweeping our nation, and it is not limited to White House politics. Let's all hope that social media continues posting these great "Mannequin Challenge" pictures!

The mannequin challenge

The "Mannequin challenge" is showing up everywhere in social media such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Right now, thousands of people are uploading pictures of themselves posing for the cameras as mannequins. Mannequins display quality features of humans but are still and hold different poses to model different clothing or accessories.

The main focus of the mannequin challenge

The main focus of this new exciting test is to freeze for the camera in any complicated pose and let the picture do the work for you. Some people who are participating in this challenge have gotten very creative in doing the poses and it's a wonder they haven’t broken any bones! Holding so still in challenging poses must cause strain to the muscles making this challenge so unique and probably difficult to accomplish.

Cleveland Cavaliers and Michelle Obama joined in on the challenge

The Cleveland Cavaliers not only won the 2016 NBA championships but the Mannequin Challenge as well. On Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers went to the White House where President Obama condoned their victory, and the Cavaliers honored President Barack Obama with a jersey of his very own.

President Barack Obama joked about ripping the jersey sleeves off to make it a sleeveless shirt, something that Lebron is fond of.

Lebron James took a selfie in front of a George Washington portrait

Lebron James and the rest of the Cavaliers demonstrated how to master the Challenge by striking a pose in front of a landscape painting and a George Washington portrait.

With the team dressing in posh suits, the Mannequin Challenge portrait took the trophy for the Mannequin Challenge with Michelle Obama in suit. We all should be excited to see more of these fun pictures!