David Blaine also known as 'levitating' has been surprising people for more than a decade with his magic tricks. Most recently he made a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon's late night show and surprised not only Jimmy himself but the musical group "The Roots" as well.

It all started off with a card trick

A simple card trick. Seems harmless, right? David had Jimmy pick five different cards like you would with poker. He had Jimmy think of a card and then, sure enough, guessed the card correctly. Of course, watching this happen is more exciting than reading about it happening.

The next card trick

The next card trick was even more impressive. Jimmy again, had to pick ten different cards. David not only guessed the correct card again but also magically placed three extra cards into Jimmy's hand, leaving him with thirteen. Again, more impressive watching this happen.

The grand finale of shenanigans

David Blaine is known to be an extremist when it comes to his magic tricks. He's been witnessed levitating, burying himself alive, locking himself in a tank of water, all to escape without a scratch or scrape on him. His work is more than spectacular and it's no surprise that people are drawn to watching him. For his grand finale on his appearance on The Tonight Show he goes to explain how hundreds of years ago, there was a theory of a human aquarium and how a man turned his stomach into an aquarium.

As David explains this, he starts drinking water from an hour shaped glass, speaking of the possibilities of it happening. Once he is done drinking the entire glass, he speaks for another moment, and everyone on stage and in the audience knew what was about to happen. David then spits the water back out, but a live frog came out into the glass with the water.

If that wasn't amazing enough, Jimmy Fallon examines the glass and confirmed that the frog was indeed real and that there was nothing peculiar about the glass. David ends the segment by saying the frog needed to go back where it belonged and swallowed it again. This is a definitely need to watch the video. Let's all look forward to more amazing magic tricks done by the mind freak himself.