Lego is part of our childhood. With pieces of legos, we can create lots of different things. That’s why many people like to build with lego bricks. If you wanna take on new challenges, here are some ideas for you to have a try!

Vending Machines

This project is done by Astonishing Studios. You can subscribe this channel on YouTube. Every week, it posts videos on vending machines with different brands of fast food or snack. The hottest vending machine is the Burger King Whopper Meal. If your brother or sister ask you to buy a set meal for them without paying you, this will be your choice!

Or you can earn some money from your friends for grabbing all your snacks during classes! It also provides the instructions for building the vending machines.


Wall Clock is a necessity in our daily life, wherever offices, schools or homes, there must be one. Rather than buying one, why don’t you make one yourself? You just need a clock kit, lego baseplate, some lego pieces for decorating, a spray paint and a drill. That’s all! Making this clock is just a piece of cake!

Key holder

Keys are so small that we always easily lose. After a long tiring day, you get back to home and open the door happily with your keys. Then you just put it aside and laying on the sofa. Eventually, you lose your keys.

Making a key holder next to the main door will keep your keys safe. You will also remember to bring your keys when you go out!

Wall decoration

Legos can turn the walls into a piece of art. Jan Vormann, a German artist, filled the cracks with colorful Lego bricks. This project has lightened the cities and it’s still ongoing in some other countries.

You can also decorate your home with such colorful lego bricks!

Air-Powered Car

Having a car is always the dream of all men, especially having a unique one. That’s why two guys from Melbourne,Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida builds an air-powered car with pieces of legos. This car runs on air and consists of more than 500,000 lego pieces, which includes the engines. Wow, such a big project!