Most people consider Photography to be a costly hobby. I have read countless blogs and articles promoting only the highest quality lighting, screens, tripods, filters and a whole host of other ‘essential’ equipment they describe as a necessity in generating professional pictures. Here at Blastingnews we do not advertise or sell products, we promote opinions from people across the globe for the people. In this article we will take an honest look at some cheaper, DIY alternatives to the vast array of products and take a look at how to create your own Homemade Studio.


I consider a tripod, when looking at the field of photography, a hindrance as opposed to assistance. Taking an awe inspiring image can only come from a unique perspective, holding the camera and experimenting with a range of elevations and angles will always yield greater results than simply shoving it upon a tripod and taking the same angle images in your homemade studio. If a steady hand is required for the shot, using something to brace against such as a table will allow you free movement with the same benefit of maneuverability.


A light is a light. Lets face it, a simple $20 torch will do the same as any top brand light available on the market for quadruple the price. If you require a softer light you can simply attach a piece of tissue paper, A4 or even a thin white blanket to get the same desired effect as costly filters and adjustable settings that come with purpose made products.

If you are confident enough with a soldering iron you can even implement a variable resistor to adjust the intensity, however I maintain the most effective way is to adjust the thickness of the filter. Applying multiple or colored sheets will provide a host of variables to play with. Even phone lights could be used as a pre-owned alternative.


If a green screen is required then a so will a trip to your nearest craft store. You will come across several alternatives, the first being a green sheet. You need to ensure that the shade of green (or blue) is a highly saturated color. The effect works because these colors are seldom seen in nature. An exact 0:255:0 (8 bit) color is not crucial in getting the desired effect.

A roll of tape coupled with the correct positioning of your homemade lighting will see you through into creating the green screen of your dreams, with a bit of refining and adjustments to remove any shadows of course. Before you know it you will be producing green screen wonders such as the ones featured by Bollywood legends!


Ah yes, cameras. If you require a professional image you will have to spend out on a fancy DSLR camera. However, if you are looking to do some photography for a hobby there is nothing to stop you from using your trusty phone camera. If you own an iPhone or Android you can expect to find a whole host of software available for purchase (or even free download) that will enable you to adjust shutter speed, allow manual focus and an array of other useful features that will let you have more control over the aesthetic of your photo. Editing software is also available and some camera adjustment apps even come with this preinstalled.