I am, like most other people I know, fond of watching The Walking Dead. However, as I don't tend to watch a whole lot of TV, it can take me a while (two years or so) to get myself up to speed with everything. This has happened very recently, when I found out, to my absolute devastation, that #AMC has killed off my beloved Glenn.

I'm still not quite over what Merle did to him and Maggie in Woodbury during Season 3, so this is going to take some real healing. As I haven't actually seen it with my own eyes yet, I'm just gonna pretend it hasn't happened.

Anyway, moving on...

Aside my odd obsession with Steve Yeun's fabulously tough yet sensitive portrayal of Glenn, I have a whole bucket of questions about the series that I just can't find any answers to.

10 unanswered Walking Dead questions

1. How come #Darryl's arms are still so fabulous after all these years when you never see him working out?

2. How come #Andrea's hair was always perfectly blonde when you never seen her making a run into town for bleach? Also: it's always lovely and clean.

3. What are all the women always dressed in tight trousers? Why do they fit so good? Don't they sell baggy stuff in Georgia?

4. Why do they always syphon gas from abandoned cars and not from gas stations? There must be tons of them around, no?

5. Why has no one been to raid the local Walmart?That's the first place I'd have gone. Think of all the free Twizzlers they'd have had!

6. How does Darryl always manage to retrieve all his arrows when he's surrounded by walkers?

7. Why is no one making a run for the nearest airport and trying to secure themselves a pilot to fly them out?

8. Why doesn't Andrew Lincoln speak with his normal English accent? Can't we have heroes on American TV that aren't actually American??

9. Why don't Walkers eat other Walkers? If they're starving from not finding any humans, why haven't they turned on each other yet? They're already infected, right - it's not like it'll make them ill...

10. Why, in a yard full of #Walkers, does everyone insist on driving round them? Why wouldn't you plough through as many as you could to make life a bit easier in the future? Run 'em over, people!