The video that starts on a congratulatory note on the occasion of a film wrap up, turns into a weird song about sexual copulation where the women are drunk, the men are drunk andthe night ends with them somehow sleeping together. This is rather ironic because just before the song starts there is a phoney moralistic and badly acted scene where the woman tells 'badshah' that this film is a 'pure' love story. Now , not getting into the discussion about purity and chastity of love, it is a rather hypocritical statement because just seconds ahead they turn what was originally a childhood game into a sexual one.

Childhood lullaby turned sexual

“Akkad bakkad bambe bo”,a lullaby game from a childhood era gone by is sung as a mating song in a supposed situation where the guy is telling the woman not to drink and to let him sleep next to him.

The issue here is not a moralistic one, nor is it nationalistic.The issue is simply the portrayal of women in these songs as drunk mating devices and men as strong dudes who must take them home and sleep next to them.

Ours is a patriarchal society.So much so that we think in those terms .Unconsciously even. Is it absolutely necessary for a man to have a sports car saying "big boys toys"for a woman to fall for him? A foreigner gyrating next to the car doesn't help either in picking up the image of women in societies eyes.

To add to it the character of Bharti, a comic performer ,who is a bit overweight is treated as fun poking device, as if an overweight woman doesn't deserve the attention of the dude 'badshah' who is himself fat and a symbol of misogyny.

This speaks the society on such songs as if it's a number to be proud of only and only because it sold out on the music charts.Of course it would.

It’s a cause and effect story .Between society and the way it views women and men and the way women are portrayed by these songs.

Overall the song showcases how a women is considered as an object of sexual pleasure and how the size of the girl reflects her beauty and the choice of man.