"The flying jatt" Bollywood movie was released on the 25th of August. The main protagonistsare tiger shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez. The movie was directed by Remo D’Souza and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor.The movie is made under the prestigiousBalaji Filmsname.

The story is about a straightforward, casual, everyday superhero. His origin is focused on the idea that his superpowers explode out in an unintentional manner. The movie demonstrates a well-built Mother-Son attachment, something people within our community can hugely relate to.

They also create discussion and thought by bringing up the significant issueregarding global warming; it also demonstrates a way to protect our earth and the benefits of that. This ecologically conscious movie opens the door to discussion of protecting to the Bollywood audience.


Let us further discuss the film. The first scene of "The Flying Jatt" was not created to be terrifying or to be stupid but to bevery enjoyable. In the movie Shroff portraysa martial arts instructor in a school where his aim is to grab his students’ eye Jacqueline Fernandez (Kriki).

In the second half of the movie it begins to createa moralistic and weighty dialogue. It tells the tale of awful people who throw away their chances and hold vendettas, even though we all know continuing to argue is meaningless.

If notfor a pair of helpful people during this scene, the huge Jones is a bore. Unless having the laughter which kept the pre-interval parts afloat, the errors begin to shine through. The songs-and-dances, portrayedjust to show off Tiger’s flexible moves are a drag. Superheroes accumulate the world only later than the ‘naach-gaana’ is over.

"The Flying Jatt" demonstrates power to be a superhero, with the ever appetising Tiger Sheriff and Jacqueline Fernandez - But the movie will most likely flop at the box office. Even though the movie was opened on the occasion of Janmashtami, it still couldn't manage to capture the attention of the audience.

Its main positives are how it gives you a important message regarding global warming and its repercussions.

This movie is good for the kids too. This could have been such a fantastically beautifulfilm, especially for kids, it had the entire flavor and an attractive start, and fronted by a hero who is light on his feet. The evergorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez does make the movie worth watching though... so get yourself to the cinema and give it a go.