Looks like Indian Television is mimicking the real life too much these days. Gone are the days where vamps with huge bindis and guns used to dominate the storylines. The makers have now realized that the closer the stories are to reality the more they connect with the audiences.

Sony TV’s Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi is one such TV show. Every die hard fan of the show will agree with the fact that there is no out and out negative character in the show. Just like in real life situations make the characters go from grey to black and from black to white in their behaviour.

The show is not only ranking high on ratings but is also a fresh breath of air from the usual high voltage unreal melodrama that is common on Indian Television.

Kuch Rang to have a big twist with Ishwari's approval

Dev’s mom Ishwari was one such character for the longest time now. Ishwari is the quintessential mother but the same mother had become a problem when she decided to reject her son’s choice Sonakshi. The current track is on the lines of Sonakshi played by Erica Fernandes and Rithvik played by Jay Soni’s engagement.

Interestingly a drunk Dev will confess his love for the leading lady at her engagement but Sonakshi will decide to go ahead with her engagement with Rithvik since she always knew he loved her but he can’t do anything about it since his mother is against their relationship.

Ishwari will let go of her anger and disgust

Witnessing all of the drama, Ishwari played by veteran actorSupriya Pilgaonkar will let go of her anger and accept Dev and Sona’s relationship.

On the other hand the drama will intensify when Sonakshi will not accept Dev’s marriage proposal even after Ishwari’s acceptance.

Sonakshi still angry with Dev

The viewers will have to wait and watch if Dev and Sonakshi find a way to make their love story work or Sonakshi takes a drastic step to actually get engaged with Rithvik and put an end to her feelings towards Dev.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi airs on Sony TV Monday to Friday 9.30 pm ISD.