Indian Television is a tricky platform in which to perform. One day a show is on top and in a few weeks it goes off the favorite list and soon even off theair.

Naagin 2 in September and not in October.

While Kawach started on a high note by taking over ratings of even Star Plus’s flagship television show Yeh Hai Mohobbatein, the show couldn’t keep up the numbers on the ratings charts for long. The TRPs (Television Rating Points) of Kawach have gone extremely low which has forced both the channel and the makers to take the shocking decision of wrapping up the show earlier than it was supposed to.

According to latest online reports and rumors, Kawach will be pulled off theair a whole month before its planned exit. It will be replaced by Naagin season 2 which is currently the most anticipated show of Indian televisionbecause it is for the first time that a supernatural thriller is following the season format. Interestingly, both are Ekta Kapoor shows and Kawach was earlier toutedas a bigger show than Naagin.

Kawach proved to be disappointing for the viewers.

Vivek Dahiya and Mona Singh’s Kawach – Kaali Shaktiyon Se is a supernatural thriller as well but it is based on a newly wedded couple and the new bride’s struggle with a ghost who possesses her on and off. Launched in June, Kawach was soap queen Ekta Kapoor’s second supernatural offering on Colors post Naagin Season 1 which had become a cult show for the channel.

Ironically Kawach had made a debut in June 2016 attracting a whooping 17.5 million viewers. Unfortunately, the show failed to sustain the interest of the viewers due to it losing theplot and repetitive twists and turns, not to forget the over the top VFX and shaky editing.

Naagin Season 2 was supposed to be launched in October 2016 which will now be launched in September 2016.

The season 2 of Naagin has some cast changes as well, Mouni Roy will be playing thedaughter of Shivanya which was played by her as well in the first installment of the show, while Rithikthe male lead is said to be replaced but the name is undisclosed as yet.