Rajnikanth is like god when it comes to fandom. His fans are not just crazy die-hard fans; his fans are literally his devotees. While there is so much hysteria around the actor himself, his latest release Kabali has yet again provedthe fact that the actor is timeless and his fan base is as loyal as it can get.

Rajnikanth's Kabali welcomed with grandcelebrations.

Rajnikanth who is also lovingly called Thalaiva is not just a star, and Kabali is the wild fire which is spreading across Box Offices down south in India. Rajni fans were seen dancing on streets around theatres, setting off fire crackers and celebrating as early as 3am in the morning while the rest of the country was sleeping quietly.

Rajnikanth effect everywhere.

Not just dance and music but some fans even went ahead and executed religious rituals just to welcome the movie and make it a blockbuster. Bathing the Kabali’s huge poster with gallons of milk was yet another crazy fandom to be witnessed as bathing idols of gods is an Indian tradition.

Mumbai catches up with the Kabali craze.

While the South of India is taken over by the Kabali craze, the city of dreams Mumbai is giving it a tough competition. A group of Rajnikanth fans named the Maharashtra State Head Rajinikanth Fans Welfare Association in Matunga held a special prayer for Rajnikanth and Kabali at a temple in Matunga. Matunga witnessed Rajnikath’s Kabali look alike when a Pune 45 year old resident dressed up exactly like Rajnikanth in his latest movie and walked in to watch Kabali at Aurora Talkies which is 76 years old and Mumbai’s one of the oldest theatres.

Not only this but Kabali tickets outside India were sold out in flat 2 hours of its availability, now that’s what we call Mega Stardom. Live music bands, Kabali printed T-shirts, Kabali groups online and offline; Kabali body paintings by fans where Rajnikanth’s face is painted on the back, Rajnikanth has all kinds of fans.

All we can say is a star has fans, Rajnikanth is a star who as stars as his fans.