There were a lot of rumours about Karishma Tanna joining the drama cum comedy TV show Woh Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle. But now the reports have finalized that it’s not Karishma but Kavita Kaushik who will be seen playing the new lead in the show.

Kavita Kaushik aka Chandramukhi Chawtala walks in to entertain

Kavita is said to be playing a Rajasthani princess on the show and is also learning the language for the same. The princess apparently is also an army doctor with a wacky sense of humor which will make everyone chuckle and laugh their hearts out. Kavita is famous for her portrayal of inspector Chandramukhi Chowtala on the hit comedy show F.I.R.

She is ready to tickle the funny bone all over again with SAB TV’s comedy show. Post F.I.R Kavita was seen in Jhalak reloaded for a short time and Fakebook with Kavita.

Krishna Gokani to exit the show

Currently Krishna Gokani is playing the female lead in the comic love triangle. Krishna’s role is all set to end in the show as she will find true love and thus Kavita Kaushik will take over the love triangle in the upcoming episodes. Interestingly just like in Govinda and Anil Kapoor starrer Bollywood’s comedy movie Deewana Mastana, Dr.Diya’s true love is neither Nathu nor Ranbeer. She finds true love in her boyfriend and elopes with him leaving behind her job.

Looks like the makers are fixated with the letter “K” since the new actress too has a name starting with the same letter, the letter which Indian Television considers to be a lucky mascot.

We will have to wait and watch on how the viewers of the show react to this change in the casting. Hoping Kavita Kaushik proves to be as magical and as hilarious as she was on F.I.R.

Apart from the main lead change, one more character is ready to join the cast. Monaz Mevawala will also be seen making an entry in the show as a glamourous Maharashtrian girl who claims to be Nathu’s (Ali Asgar) wife. She is currently seen in Maan Na Maan Main Tera Mehman. Bollywood Actor Arjun Kapoor was also seen promoting his movie Ki & Ka on this hit show. We wish the team best of luck for the new change.